Friday, July 31, 2009

Mafia Wars Addicts!

This time, I will not post about designing or flash action scripting. This is for mafia players. Are you busy in your business? School? Or on your real mafia?? This would be a better solution for a mafia player like you. This script is an auto player for mafia wars game on facebook version 0.9.9.


Mozilla Firefox, Facebook Account and Basic Understanding of JavaScript.


-selling of Cuban business output

-health blinks at 20-28 health

-if no opponents found, skip fight/rob once before reattempting

-display wheelman bonus in log

-click simulation for job help

-display user name in job help result

Guide in Installing:

How to have this? You have to know Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, an open source Web Browser. Most userscripts are written for Firefox & Greasemonkey (although some work in Opera, Safari and even Internet Explorer).

Now if you have Mozilla Firefox, you need to install Greasemonkey.
After Installation, Restart your browser then you are now ready to install userscripts.

Now clicking on a .user.js
Link triggers
Greasemonkey to pop up the script installation panel. Greasemonkey
shows you a list of
what sites the script will run on and ask if you want to install the script.

User scripts can be used in browsers other than Firefox, but the scripting APIs and browser
JavaScript support vary.

Be careful on installing the script and decide if you want to install it. Read some feedbacks on
Decide if you find them trustworthy by reading their other reviews. The admins cannot guarantee
that "evil" scripts will not be listed on the site.
To long to post the complete script here just get the fresh and original codes on this link

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Simple and Standard Flash Loader

Simple and Standard Flash Loader by Emil Jaranilla

Hello to everyone again, I am posting some basic and simple techniques. This time, the topic is about flash animation default loader using action script. I wrote this tutorial because some site or flash animation is using the loader intro as movie clip. In addition, this will not help the user to know how long they will wait to load that movie clip loader so it means that your site is not considered as usable and accessible. It is better to have some animations or notifications for the user to see while the browser is calculating the total bytes needed to load your flash webpage or animation project.

Here is your requirement.

. Basic Knowledge in Flash Action Script

Here are the steps.

1.) Create a text box. Make sure that it is set as dynamic text.

2.) Convert the dynamic text as movie clip named it as loader

3.) Double click the movie clip and set the font color, size, style and variable name on the dynamic text inside the movie clip.

Note: Do not convert the dynamic text inside the movie clip to any symbol like button, and graphic. On this tutorial, I named my dynamic text as “text”

4.) Back to main scene to start the coding process.

5.) Type these script

· The “total” is the your variable name for total bytes needed to load your movie.

This would be very easy for you because flash automatically suggest codes that you will need.

6.) Type this script next the script on step 5

· loaded is the variable name for bytes loaded while loading the movie

· percent is the variable name on the syntax that calculates the bytes loaded

· text is the variable name you entered on step 3.

· The if statement states that, if the total bytes loaded is equal to total bytes needed to load your movie, then _root gotoAndPlay(); will execute.

Note: You can put any frame number on the gotoAndPlay script it depends on your needs.

7.) Its output should be

Loading… 100%

8.) While putting this on your movie or flash website, you should put this on the last layer of your flash file and followed by blank key frame or just simply press F7.

This Tutorial was developed by Emil Jaranilla. You may reblog this tutorial on your own site but please include credits and always link back to this page. Thank you for reading this basic tutorial, more tutorials on different topics will be post soon.

“GTUG PH Site Banner Soon…”

Our group’s first meet up held on July 24, 2009 sponsored by the Orange and Bronze software lab. The day seems slothful and tired because before I get to Makati I have to survive the huge traffic at edsa, so I left Quezon City earlier than 5pm and expecting to arrive at Makati before 7pm. On my way to Makati, I was preparing myself (Mejo Kabado) for the reason that I’ll meet many developers there and I am going to present to Ma’am Aileen our GTUG PH logo that I created. Sir Calen and Ma’am Chel prepared a lot of food for 35 people who signed up for the meal but only few members attended the meet up I presume there be not as much of 20 GTUG members. I met Sir Jay, Godie, the speaker for the night, and the newly member Roy Javier who just signed up an hour before the meet up. Welcome Roy!

After dinner, Sir Godie Prepared for the presentation of the Google Application Engine Which is our topic for the night. He is really a good developer because he demonstrated how to create a simple facebook application using Eclipse I had difficulty understanding him maybe because of the microphones. Yeah it is hard to talk while typing your source code. “Sayang Hindi ko kasi nakunan ng picture when he was trying to speak on the microphone while typing using his two hands. Imagine? ” Anyway, the presentation took 2 hours and after the presentation, he shared some knowledge about the Google voice though I cannot share it here because it is exclusive for those who attended the meet up. Maybe for other members, who were not able to attend you can ask Sir Godie about it. The presentation ended past 10pm but it is ok, at least I learned something like creating simple facebook application. I expect that for the next meet up, all members are present. “Sayang naman kasi, GTUG PH pa naman ang may pinakamadaming members sa lahat ng GTUG worldwide. O diba!” As a part of GTUG PH, I am very thankful to Ma’am Chel and Sir Calen for preparing and sponsoring the GTUG PH meet up. Thank you guys!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Graphic Designing Tips

Graphic Designing Tips

Graphic Designing is very important to the industry of the internet. Web sites are composed of graphic designs such as banner, background image, buttons, and etc. Now learning that graphic designing is really a good and precise business, creating your self a graphic design that endorsing your services as a freelancer and exposing your art work to the web is really an effective and easy way to get clients.

Here are some Tips on how to create an effective graphic design that endorses your services as a freelance web and graphic designer.

1.) Think for your color theme, much better if you choose the theme of your web site.

2.) Create your canvas. Can create any size you want

3.) In designing your ads, make sure that the colors compliment each other for example, your background color is #993399 use colors that compliments for your background like #FFCCFF, #FF99CC, #FFE784, #FFBD59, #0099CC. #0099FF and #33CCCC. There is so many color, those colors are the basic for #993399.

4.) Create your own original and innovative design. Avoid using Photoshop brushes if you want, maybe mixed it with vector or other brushes.

5.) After creating your design insert your name, job, what ever you want to write on your design.

6.) Txt must be name = low case job = high case, and so on...

7.) Now, your finish! You must have basic knowledge in vector designing to create your ad design.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Basic Vector Graphics


. Adobe Fireworks CS3 / Macromedia Fireworks 8. (Any Version will work)
. Basic Knowledge in Vector Graphics and in using the authoring tool.

Hi! Did you experience creating your own character using Vecto
r Graphics?
Or do you have multimedia, or animation subject? Maybe this tutoria
l can
help you creating your smiley, or cartoon character in a basic and easy
way using Fireworks (Any Version)

Final Output:

Now let’s start creating your vector smiley.
1.) First you need to create an ellipse shape from tool’s panel, vec
tor section. And set the border color and size. Now, under the properties inspector, on fill categories, choose gradient > linear, then the color must be #000000 to #666666 and try to make its color like on the illustration. The color depends on your wants but since this is basic color shading, I used #666666, #333333, #000000 and #ffffff.
2.) Create other ellipse shape and set the border to invisible or opacity = 0
Set the color to gradient > Linear > color must be #666666 and the other side set as #ffffff and set the opacity = 0.This will be create a shine effect on your smiley.

3.) Start Creating your eyes, mouth, and eyebrow. Noted that, be careful in creating the eye because all of the emotions of your smiley will reflect in the eyes.

4.) Now if you’re done, combined the layers / object that you created and see the output
if it looks nice or not.

This Basic Tutorial and All the Vector Graphics used in this page was composed and developed by Emil Jaranilla.
You can post this tutorial in your own site but please include credits and always link back to this page.
Thank you for reading this basic tutorial, more tutorials on different topics will be post.